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Our history

The reindeer forest is actually the fulfillment of the dream of Moshe Amitai, an Israeli cowboy, farmer and entrepreneur from Moshav Odem, an agricultural moshav in the northern Golan Heights, located 1,000 meters above sea level.

In 1995 Amitai decides to leave his job in the moshav’s apple plantations and to realize his love for nature and animals by establishing a unique tourist site of its kind. Amitai takes advantage of the potential of the northern Golan Heights, an area known for European weather and green areas for reindeer breeding, the only place in Israel where they will feel at home.

The first group of deer was brought to the reindeer forest and included 2 females and 2 males. However, the herd soon grew, and today 80 deer live in the deer forest.

Tent Tents complex - to be part of nature We invite you to leave for a few days the blocks and concrete, to build a tent in the forest and forget the daily routine For more info
Hut Love camping but do not carry the whole house? We have an answer: In the heart of the forest, among the oak trees is a pampering camping with wooden air-conditioned mattresses with mattresses, a small refrigerator, an electrical outlet and an air conditioner For more info

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